Well Heeled? Advice on wearing high heels from Bristol Chiropractors.

A survey carried out by foot care company, Compeed, has found that UK women are the shortest in Europe at an average of 5ft 4in, but they tend to wear the highest heels.

But as you may be aware, wearing high heels can cause problems,  such as joint pains and back pain.

Tim Hutchful, a chiropractor and member of the British Chiropractic Association, points out:

 “Good footwear is essential. Our feet carry all of our weight and the shoes we chose have a lot to do with the way we walk and the pressure we put on the rest of the body. Feet need a surface which allows them to bend, grip and roll as you walk, which is difficult to do when constantly wearing heels. You don’t have to say goodbye to high heels, as they should be safe to wear in moderation, but you need to make sure they fit properly and take extra care when walking.

Wearing the right shoes can improve your posture. If the shoe supports your foot and allows you to use your foot properly, you can do as you please. When buying a pair of heels, make sure the shoe isn’t too tight, short or solid, otherwise you will restrict movement and you won’t be able to use your foot properly.”

Your local chiropractor at the Dowry Clinic in Bristol will be able to give you some good advice regarding posture and footwear to help prevent problems such as back pain.

 Some Top tips for Walking in Heels:

o Tense your pelvic floor muscles

o Keep your head upright and don’t stick your chest out

o Put your shoulders back and chest in

o Spread weight evenly over the whole shoe when walking

o Don’t walk too fast, be elegant

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