Alison Archibald the Leading Perrin Practictioner in Bristol & Taunton

Alison Archibald ChiropractorIn 2008, when Alison Archibald, a leading chiropractor in Bristol & Taunton, first came across the Perrin Technique she was slightly skeptical. Having encountered many sufferers and heard their stories of seeking an effective treatment for this devastating condition, Alison was intrigued to find out more.

She choose to pursue researching the effectiveness of this technique and after extensive research and seeing the results she understood that this treatment was founded on sound human physiological principles.

Knowing the number of people suffering from CFS/ME, and the impact this has on their lives and that of their families, friends and carers, Alison decided that the best course of action to help these people was to be able to provide effective treatment for them.

She chose to embark on the necessary training with Dr Perrin to become the only practitioner within the Bristol and Taunton areas to be licensed to use the Perrin Technique ™ of diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME.

If you are suffering from the devastating effect of CFS/ME and are looking to lead a normal life then make an appointment to visit Alison today.

Alison operates a Perrin Clinic from both of the Archibald Clinics in Bristol & Taunton.

If you wish to book an appointment with Alison please call:

Dowry Clinic, Bristol – 0117 9298384 or Bathpool Clinic, Taunton – 01823 412489

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