Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME having a devastating effect on your life?

Many sufferers feel this way. And many more feel trapped that there is no hope. Often they have been told by medical practitioners that this is the case. Some have spent a large sum of money on different treatments and therapies only to find that they have little or no affect.

“ME – The Black Hole of Medicine … Many have tried to find a cure and many have failed!”

 You may be feeling this way right now yourself and have heard about the Perrin Technique and hope that this may offer the treatment that will help you to return your life to normal.

Hundreds of grateful patients have been successfully treated since 1989, patients, just like you, who were thinking that they would never be able to lead a normal life again.

You can read a few testimonials from patients whose lives have been transformed by the Perrin Technique here.

How did the Perrin Technique come about?

The Perrin Technique was developed as a result of a chance discovery during the clinical practice of a Manchester osteopath, Dr Raymond Perrin.

Has it been proven clinically?

The Perrin technique has been statistically validated in clinical trials.

Its effectiveness was tested using two separate clinical trials. The first examined the change in the symptoms following a year of treatment.  The second repeated the first study and used MRI scanning in order to examine further the possible mechanisms of the improvement.

How does the Perrin Technique work?

Raymond Perrin’s research at the University of Salford in conjunction with the University of Manchester, coupled  with the hundreds of successful clinical case studies and the ;attest findings in neurophysiology, has provided strong evidence that CFS/ME involves a disturbance of the drainage of toxins from the brain and muscles.

Many toxins are thoughts to result from the effect of viruses, bacteria and other microbes, upon the body. Environmental toxins such as pesticides but also constant exposure to physical and emotional stress can lead to overproduction.

The excess of toxins in the brain and spinal cord should normally drain out into the lymph vessels and be broken down by the body’s lymphatic system and liver. It is now thought that CFS/ME patients have a reversed drainage that leads to toxins accumulating in the central nervous system causing dysfunction.

This can manifest in the many different symptoms complained of by CFS/ME patients.

The Perrin Technique is a manual system of diagnosis and treatment for these problems.

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