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Chiropractor for Doctor Who

At 56, Peter Capaldi is the oldest Doctor since William Hartnell to grace television screens in the newest series of long-running BBC show Doctor Who.

It has recently been revealed that Capaldi has had chiropractors on call, ready to call in should he injure himself on set. Having quit drinking years ago, Peter is in very good health – however it is clear bosses at the BBC still have concerns for any mishaps that may happen during recording and have made sure paramedics and chiropractors are on site to keep the Doctor in as good a state as they can.

Previous Doctors have included Matt Smith, 28; David Tennant, 34; and Christopher Eccleston, 41. Peter Capaldi is the oldest yet, but BBC bosses insist the presence of chiropractors to look after the actor have always been in place and have nothing to do with Capaldi’s age.

“Being the Doctor involves lots of stunts and action sequences, including hanging from harnesses for long periods of time. All our Doctors have found chiropractor appointments helpful”,  a BBC spokesman stated.

You can catch Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor this month on the BBC.

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