Are You Eligible to Receive Chiropractic Services on the NHS at Hartcliffe Health Centre?

If you are a registered patient at either Hartwood or Hillview Family Practices, you may be eligible to receive chiropractic treatment at Hartcliffe Health Centre through the NHS providing we receive a referral from your GP.

Waiting List

Once we have received you referral you will be added to our waiting list and we will contact you to discuss if a Video Consultation or a Face to Face appointment is most appropriate given the current  Covid-19 restrictions.

If it is deemed safe for you to attend, we would endeavor to book your first appointment as soon as possible, usually by phone so make sure your GP has the correct up to date contact details to forward to us.


If you are unable to keep an appointment it is important that you inform  us so that we can offer the slot to other patients hoping to be seen. Cancellations are offered on a first come first served basis on the day so it can be worth the call to see if anything has become available.

Contacting Us

On Wednesdays you can speak to us by phoning  : 0117 3015213  or leave a message for us.

On other days it is best if you call  Dowry Clinic on 0117 9298384  and  inform us that you have a NHS referral from your GP at Hartcliffe Health Centre. We cannot as yet accept referrals from any other practices.

You are always welcome to attend as a private patient at Dowry Clinic for a fee with the assurance that we will transfer your care to Hartcliffe Health Centre as soon as we can, subject to the waiting list.

We pride ourselves on being able to see a new patient within weeks rather than months.

Hartwood Family Practice and Hillview Practice, Hartcliffe Health Centre,
Hareclive Road, Hartcliffe, Bristol, BS13 0JP    Telephone: 0117 3015213

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