Sticking your neck out for Chiropractic

neck painIf you haven’t undergone chiropractic treatment before, a new study from the British Medical Journal highlights that not only can manual therapy help your mobility; it can also prove cheaper than alternative methods for the same problem.

Research conducted in Amsterdam studied 183 patients (aged 18-70) who had been suffering neck pain for at least two weeks. They were each assigned a different treatment – 60 were treated using manual therapy, 59 were assigned physiotherapy whilst 64 received treatment from a general practitioner (GP).

The patients reported their status of recovery after seven weeks. 51% of physiotherapy patients and 36% of GP patients noted a ‘complete recovery’. Manual therapy, however, showed a 68% recovery rate for its patients.

The results become even more impressive when we consider the costs of the various types of treatment – after six months, total treatment costs for patients showed that manual therapy were approximately one-third of what patients would have to pay for physiotherapy or GP care.

Neglecting neck pain can lead to serious lasting damage. It is therefore important to have it treated. Studies like these have shown the benefits that Chiropractic can offer to patients suffering from such pain – receiving the best care possible, but at a fraction of the price.

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Korthals-de Bos IBC, Hoving JL, van Tulder MW, et al. Cost effectiveness of physiotherapy, manual therapy, and general practitioner care for neck pain: economic evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial. British Medical Journal, April 26, 2003: Volume 326, pp. 911.

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